Form and Function: Why Metal Roofs are the Perfect Choice for Great Falls Homes

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Are you considering a metal roof installation for your Great Falls residence? Metal roofing has grown in popularity for both commercial and residential projects in recent years. Metal roofing has a lot of benefits for homeowners in Great Falls including superior strength against harsh weather, longevity, boosting curb appeal, and being environmentally friendly and energy efficient. 

Below, we’ll dive into:

  • 5 metal roof benefits for homes in Great Falls
  • Information about A-1 Contractors, Inc. 


metal roof installation, metal roof benefits, metal roof aesthetic

Great Falls Roofing: Metal Roof Benefits

Low Maintenance & Longevity

Metal roofing is known for being extremely durable and will typically last around 40 to 50 years if properly installed. That being said, with proper maintenance and care, your metal roof could last as long as 70 years in the Great Falls area. In addition, you won’t have to invest as much maintenance into a metal roof because metal roofing is resistant to rot, insects, mold, mildew, and even fire.

We recommend that you have your metal roof serviced annually to protect its longevity by treating any scuffs, scratches, or corrosion, and replacing any aged fasteners. Metal roofing tends to have a higher initial cost than asphalt roofing, but you’ll end up saving time and money due to its long lifespan and low maintenance requirements. 

Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofing is a sustainable choice because metal roofing panels are fully recyclable and eco-friendly. In addition, metal roofing can significantly reduce your consumption of energy by reflecting solar heat away from your home and retaining heat in cold climates. This will reduce the need for air conditioning in your home, especially in the hot summer months in Great Falls.  

Durability & Extreme Weather Resistance

The Great Falls area experiences natural conditions such as hail storms, heavy winds, ice damming, and harsh winter weather. Metal roofing is designed to have long-lasting resistance to harsh weather conditions. In some cases, metal roofing is non-combustible and has also been known to protect against wildfire embers falling onto a house. 

Easy Installation

Metal roofing tends to be much lighter than other traditional roofing materials. Metal roofing’s lightweight nature makes the installation process much easier and can help you save money on engineering and building the supporting structure. In addition, metal roofing tends to be much easier to handle during an installation due to its width, size, and length. 

Boost the Value of Your Great Falls Residence

If you’re looking for a roofing material that is stylish and easy to customize then metal roofing is a great choice. Metal roofing is a beautiful material and is available in a lot of colors and styles. Due to the customization, you can find a metal roof that will suit your home’s aesthetic needs. Ultimately, a metal roof aesthetic provides a unique combination of style and practicality that can’t be found with any other material and will increase the value and curb appeal of your residence in Great Falls. 


metal roof installation, metal roof benefits

A-1 Contractors, Inc.: Your Local Roofing Company

Ultimately, a new metal roof installation has a variety of benefits for Great Falls residents. When choosing a company to install your new metal roof, it’s important to find a roofing company that is local and professional.

A-1 Contractors, Inc. is built on the back of over 20 years of roofing experience and serves Great Falls and the surrounding area with fast, efficient, and friendly service. Through A-1 Contractors, Inc., Great Falls locals have access to roofing and home improvement solutions that will fortify their roofing against the climate and upgrade the value of their residences.

A-1 Contractors, Inc. installs corrugated metal, PBR, standing-seam, and tuff rib metal roofing in the Great Falls community. Contact us today to learn more about our metal roofing services and to receive a free estimate!