5 Facts and 1 Myth about Seamless Gutters

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Blog, Great Falls, Gutters, Seamless

The average homeowner learns about gutters when they either need to replace them or when they’re purchasing a home and selecting a gutter system. There’s a lot to learn about gutter systems and quite a few things homeowners should be aware of regardless of the condition of their current gutter system.

There are many misconceptions about gutter systems like how often they should be cleaned, how well they protect homes from drainage issues, etc. Today we’re going to discuss 5 common gutter facts while dispelling a common myth so you can get to know your gutter system a little better.

Fact: Despite The Name, Not Necessarily Seamless

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Traditional gutters are manufactured in smaller sections and are connected together around your roofline, at corners, and on downspouts. Debris can quickly build up in these seams, leading to leaks if not cleaned regularly. One of the most surprising facts people need to know is that seamless gutters do, in fact, have seams even though they are manufactured in longer sections. Seams will be found at the end of each gutter, at each outlet tube, and on corner pieces.

Fact: Seamless Gutters Offer the Best Protection and Ease of Maintenance

Despite having seams, seamless gutters are still the best option for preventing leaks if you are looking for the best protection for your home’s roof and landscape. The fewer seams mean fewer leaks because seamless gutters require less maintenance compared to traditional gutters. Another reason they are more beneficial compared to traditional gutters is that they are custom-fitted to your home, meaning they fit your home’s specific shape perfectly. This improves the actual function of the gutter system, which is to move water off the roof and away from your home.

Additionally, seamless gutters are affixed to the home in a more appealing manner, installed with fewer joints and fasteners, creating a streamlined and clean surface.

Fact: Seamless Gutters Are Lightweight And Versatile

One of the single biggest benefits of seamless gutters is the fact that they are lightweight and versatile. You can find gutters that fit almost any style, and the lightweight construction means you won’t have any wear and tear on the side of the house or your roofline.

Fact: Seamless Gutters Are Easier To Maintain

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Seamless gutters are usually easier to maintain than their counterparts. You’ll have lots of brackets in place to support the gutters, but you will also need to be sure that you keep them clear so that you don’t have any excess weight that can strain the mounting hardware. If you do have a problem with your seamless gutters, though, they’re easier to deal with because you have fewer vulnerable areas. No matter where the damage is on a gutter, you only need to replace one side if at all. Otherwise, you just need to keep them clean and monitor them for any signs of cracks or other damage.

Fact: A Clogged Seamless Gutter is A Serious Problem

If any portion of your gutter system becomes clogged, water is not effectively being transferred away from the structure. It’s also a telltale sign your gutters have fallen into disrepair. Not only are clogged gutters a cleaning emergency, but portions likely need to be removed and replaced before major structural repairs are required. Without proper maintenance, your gutters will clog up with debris, whether you have a traditional or seamless system. Therefore, even though you have seamless gutters, they still need to be cleaned regularly to prevent damage and leaks.

Myth: Gutters Only Need to be Cleaned Once a Year

One of the myths we hear most often is that gutter systems don’t need to be cleaned often. If you have a seamless gutter system then this statement couldn’t be further from the truth! This misconception follows the reasoning that falling leaves are the only way gutters become clogged. But soot from winter fireplaces and heating systems lands on rooftops and flows into gutters. Spring and summer tree sap, pollen, and dust can also accumulate. These factors beg the question: How often should gutters be cleaned?

When you are ready for new gutters, consider going seamless. To learn more about this beneficial gutter system for your home, contact the roofing experts at A-1 Contractors, Inc. today.