Top Adventure Activities In Great Falls


Great Falls is an outdoor recreational haven. There’s plenty to do, whether you like trekking across the Missouri River, scaling the walls of the looming canyons, meandering through the snowcovered hills, or exploring the Great Falls. Carry on reading as we detail some of the most exciting activities and adventures in the town.

Great Falls, MT best waterfalls

Explore The Great Falls

So The Great Falls are made up of four different waterfalls, with the namesake being the biggest and most popular. The Great Falls is part of Ryan Dam, and visitors can get the best views of the waterfalls from Ryan Island Park. Seven miles upstream from The Great Falls is the Crooked Falls. The Crooked Falls do not have a dam and no vehicle access, allowing visitors to view them the way Lewis and Clark did in 1805. Further upstream, you’ll find Rainbow Falls and Black Eagle Falls, with Black Eagle Falls being the closest to Great Fall’s city limits.

Hiking In And Around Great Falls

There are plenty of hiking trails in and around Great Falls, making the area fantastic for novice and expert hikers. The River’s Edge Trail is located along the Missouri River and is a 60-mile paved trail. This hiking trail allows hikers to explore the natural beauty of Great Falls and enjoy the prairies, waterfalls, canyons, rivers, and more. Giant Springs State Park, located about 10 minutes outside Great Falls, is a local favorite for picnics, fishing, and excellent hiking.

Enjoy Some Winter Sports

Great Falls has some of Montana’s best ski slopes and winter sports activities. Ski-enthusiasts can take their pick of alpine, downhill, and cross-country skiing locations, each offering world-class facilities, and excellent ski routes. There’s snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skijoring for those looking for something a little different.