Things To Do In Great Falls


Great Falls is a natural oasis and an incredibly historical city. Straddling the Missouri River, the town is named after the Great Falls waterfall, which is part of the Missouri River. Thanks to these powerful waterfalls, the area has generated quite a bit of electricity, which has earned the city the nickname “Electric City.” If you’re eager to explore these awe-inspiring waterfalls or learn the rich history of this city, as well as the most thrilling adventures in the city, carry on reading as we delve into the things that make this city great.

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The Great Falls

The Great Falls can be found in the Giant Springs State Park. The Great Falls are four large waterfalls that form part of the Missouri River. The Great Falls over Ryan Dam, Crooked Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Black Eagle Falls. These legendary waterfalls were mentioned in the recorded encounters of the expedition of Lewis and Clark. These majestic waterfalls have inspired awe and wonder in all those who visit the falls.

Lewis And Clark Historic Trail

By now, most people know the legendary story of Lewis And Clark. The two adventurers were set on a military expedition to explore the Louisiana Purchase and the Pacific Northwest. On their voyage, the pair trekked along the Missouri River and made special mention of the Great Falls area and the awe-inspiring Great Falls. The city of Great Falls has set up A Lewis and Clark Historic Trail Interpretive Center, where visitors can learn more about their expedition, the things they discovered in the area, and their thoughts and opinions about their journey.

Explore The Natural Wonders Of Great Falls

Great Falls is the perfect city for lovers of nature, thrill-seekers, and adventurers. There are plenty of hiking, running, and biking opportunities. The area national parks are excellent for those wanting to connect with nature and explore the area’s natural landscape. There are also plenty of watersport opportunities on the great Missouri River.